Pet of the Week

Source: Henrico Humane Society

Hi, my name is Emma. I started out my life in what I thought would have been my forever home. But one day, the unthinkable happened. I was abandoned by my owners and left on the street to fend for myself. When I was finally rescued, I had so many fleas that I had sores and had lost patches of hair from licking and scratching. I wasn’t good at finding my own food, so I lost a lot of weight. But the kind people who rescued me gave me lots of love (and food) and nursed me back to health. Now, look how beautiful I am!

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I am a very outgoing and happy kitty. I love to be petted and showered with kisses. One of my favorite things is to curl up in my foster mom’s lap or on her chest for some snuggles and a good head scratch. I am quite talkative, and if you call my name, I will respond with a little meow. I am kind of fascinated by the water that comes out of faucets. I think the water straight from the faucet tastes better. So, when I need a refreshing sip, I get up on the bathroom counter and meow for it to be turned on.

Pet of the Week

Source: Henrico Humane Society

Even though I’m technically an adult now, I’m still a kitten at heart. I have lots of energy, and I love to play. Some of my favorite toys are wand toys, mice, and crinkle balls – I’m a pretty good at catching if you toss a ball to me. But, I love playing so much that I can make a toy out of anything, even empty boxes and paper bags! I love playing and other kitties so much, that it would be really great if I had a kitty friend in my forever home for me to play with.

I have so much love to give. Is there room in your home and heart for a beautiful girl like me? If you’d like to meet me, please email to setup a visit. Don’t forget to tell them you want to meet Emma!

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