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Premiere Of TV One's 'Media' - Arrivals

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The premiere of TV One’s original movie Media left us clinging to the edge of our seats and clutching our pearls while we watched the backstabbing, family drama, plot twists and unexpected bloodshed unfold before our eyes.

Media, produced by Radio One mogul Cathy Hughes, opens with matriarch Jackie Jones (portrayed by Penny Johnson) hosting a celebration in honor of her urban media conglomerate, JUMP. We’re introduced to the almighty Jones family: JUMP president, Clay Jones (portrayed by Pooch Hall), well known city prosecutor, Michael Jones (portrayed by Brian White), JUMP CFO Crystal Jones and the youngest Jones son, Anthony Jones. At first glance, the Jones appear to have it all: money, success, good looks and the respect of the entire city. However, it’s not long until we find out that this family has a ton of secrets that will soon come to light.

After what seems to be a fresh start for the family, tragedy strikes.

***Spoiler Alert***

Very early into the film, Clay is shot and killed right in front of his mother. Although Jackie is devastated at the loss of her son, she knows that her family and the business are in danger. She appoints Michael as the new president of JUMP and although he’s reluctant to join the family business, he accepts in honor of his mother.

Now, Michael is tasked with running JUMP, keeping his family safe and figuring out who shot and killed his big brother. Luckily for Michael, he didn’t have to look far, as the clues started to reveal themselves very quickly. It’s here that we’re introduced to Will and his older brother Jabbar, who was recently released from prison. Now that he’s a free man, Jabbar wants revenge on the Jones’ for putting him away for three years, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means setting up his assistant, Giselle, and JUMP’s popular radio DJ, DJ Drive.

At first, setting up Giselle and DJ Drive seemed a little odd, but once it’s revealed that DJ Drive and Michael’s wife, Danielle, slept together, things get even more messy! Will and Jabbar obtain a sex tape of DJ Drive and Danielle and threaten to release it to the media if Michael doesn’t let Jabbar in on the family business. Michael refuses and the tape is released, as promised, which ruins Michael’s marriage and ultimately leads to DJ Drive’s murder. At this point, Michael realizes he’s being set up and that he needs to act fast if he wants to keep his family and the business safe.

Meanwhile, Crystal has a few secrets of her own, as she’s secretly been married to Will for about three years. When Giselle finds out, she’s devastated and threatens to kill Crystal for stealing Will from away her! Giselle isn’t the only one upset about Will and Crystal’s marriage, however. Once Jabbar finds out that his younger brother is married to a Jones he decides to remove Will from his business for good.

Towards the end of the episode we find out that Jabbar and Will’s assistant, Boogie, is responsible for Clay’s death and because of it, Michael has him shot and killed to avenge his brother. The film ends with Michael and his family feeling secure in their decisions and safe in their home … at least for now. After everything that happened in “Media,” from the murders to the revenge, it looks like JUMP and the Jones family will be good hands with Michael as their leader.

Keep up with Jones family when “Media” the TV series comes to TV One this summer!


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