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Kandi and Porsha met at the end of that last episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to chat about the lesbian rumors spread by the latter (but planted by Phaedra). However, as you know, that conversation didn’t go well. This week, we find Kandi and Porsha rehashing the deets of that convo to their respective friends. Meanwhile, Sheree is sitting back watching, but she brings up a good point. Why is Phaedra is allowing Porsha to take the heat for this rumor she started? Ol’ throw rocks and hide her hands type.


Anyway, you already know that at some point Sheree is going to put Shady Phae Phae on blast in a major way. You know how they get down. Anyway, Kandi is shaping up even more to look like the truthful one. She has a history of being honest and having receipts, so it’s no surprise that she called Shamea (who Porsha claimed that Kandi tried to drug) over, who verified her claims. It’s odd that Porsha drag Shamea into her lies, though, considering that they’re supposed to be “friends.”


There’s talk of a major trip on the horizon, so you already know that’s where it’s all about to go down, as Todd astutely pointed out. Initially, it was just supposed to be Todd and Kandi (Todd initiated it) for relaxation, but then, somewhere along the way, this getaway morphs into a trip with the whole crew. Porsha isn’t invited, but they decided to invite Phaedra, which means that Porsha is coming too. But like, why would Kandi be okay with inviting Phaedra when they don’t like each other either?


And the guys are coming too, including Peter and Bob.


Note that Porsha only agreed to go in order to support Phaedra, who didn’t want to be alone.

Hawaii, here we come.

Fastforward to the first group dinner, where ish hits the fan. While the crew is seated, Porsha and her boyfriend, also named Todd, come straggling in (because he’s celebrating his 40th birthday). The awkwardness is palpable, because Kandi and Porsha obviously don’t rock with each other, so messy Sheree is the first one to start the mediation. She informs Porsha that “some of the girls feel that she says slanderous things.” Cynthia chimes in, as per her usual, and says that this stems from the lies she had previously spread about Kandi. Porsha maintains that she’s not a liar, but Cynthia insists that a lot of things she said were alternative facts.

Porsha and Kandi get back on the topic of Porsha allegedly coming on to Kandi at some club (you know, Porsha’s alleged fellatio offer). Porsha first denies it and then claims that “maybe she did say it because she was tipsy.”


Kandi then produces screenshots of freaky and generally suspect text messages that Porsha sent her in the “alleged” pursuit of her poon tang. Kandi reads the text messages aloud and straight puts Porsha on blast. Basically, Porsha does seem like the aggressor, and the liar, and one again, Kandi’s claims are validated. As Kandi put it, “Porsha is the b in LGBT.” Bloop, now that’s immaculate shade.

Porsha got caught lying and is so backed in a corner that she, instead of just coming clean, pulled a Trump by piling on more lies. She starts up with the other rumor she took and ran with, which was that Kandi said she was going to drug her. Kandi gets so pissed that she threatens to sue Porsha for saying that. It’s understandable because that is a really heavy accusation, one that could potentially ruin reputations and send people to jail. Porsha keeps it going and Kandi gets so angry and emotional that she reveals that it’s really hard for her to show restraint because what she’d really like to do is drag Porsha by her weave.

It’s worth noting that when Kandi loses her cool to this point, there is a major problem. At the same time, Porsha doesn’t back down from a battle, but we’re not quite sure how she’s going to handle this. We won’t find out until next week during Hawaii part two.


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