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Tonight’s episode of Empire is full of drama, but also kind of slow. That’s okay, because it’s definitely building to some major ish that’s about to go down. Anyway, the episode picks up in the aftermath of Cookie’s She Hulk Smash situation last week. We find the clean up team is at Empire clearing the damage she caused while Cookie is home showering and kicking it with her sister, Candace. Cookie is nervous about the fact that she kissed Lucious, and even though she stopped it, she’s also disgusted, but still in love and not ready to come to terms with that. Cookie wants to tell Angelo what happened, but Candace talks points out the obvious. In other words, bad idea.

Back at Empire, Lucious doesn’t tell the team what happened. They all just think someone vandalized the place and that Thirsty is “looking over the footage.”


You already know that footage will come back to haunt Cookie. It’s just a matter of when.

Meanwhile, Andre is working with Shyne on their pact. They want to kill Lucious and take over Empire, so they’ve been hanging tough lately. Andre is eager to meet some of Shyne’s “business” associates aka goons who get ish done. One of those goons is big time in Las Vegas, which could mean mega mula for Empire. Hold that thought though.

Jamal is doing well with his rehab situation and making good music with Tory Ash. In fact, they work so well together that even Cookie, who often comes close to delivering Tory massive fade, can’t even Jamal’s new found creativity. Jamal and Tory are actually working on a fire song, which is right on time since he has an album to finish.

However, you already know what show this is, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Lucious gets a hold of the song later on, and steals the melody. And even worse is, he put Tory on the song. He basically tapped her for a hook and a guitar riff (the Devil’s Tritone), which happens to be the same riff Jamal initially shot down on his song with Tory.


Lucious, Lucious, Lucious. Low down dirty devil. No pun intended, but the lore of the Devil’s Tritone should not be lost on…anyone music history/theory nerds.

Anyway, hopefully you didn’t think Tariq was done harassing the Lyons. Tariq is off the Lucious case, which is closed, but he’s still nosing around and this time going after Cookie. He had the nerve to subpoena Anika. Anika can talk about Cookie all day, just not her husband, Lucious.

And Then we find out that Cookie almost got in trouble for a parole violation for “consorting with a felon,” but like…she works at a hip-hop label. They’ve known this for years.


Angelo got it stricken from her record, but he thinks Lucious is behind this so he stopped by Lucious’ place ready to nuck and buck. Luckily for Angelo, Lucious wasn’t moved enough for a fight, and he’s convincing when he says it wasn’t him who did it. To be fair, Lucious is Satan, but even he wouldn’t stoop that low (maybe). He’s probably not lying, though. This actually has Tariq written all over it, a point Lucious makes.


The episode wraps with Shyne to Andre going to meet a shady business connect mentioned earlier—the one with pull in Vegas. Andre’s goal is to get Empire artists Vegas residencies, which would be major. They meet up at a warehouse (classic) and for some reason, the business connect freaks out when he learns that Dre is representing Lucious. He thinks his wife, Juliana (played by Nia Long), set him up somehow and starts dang near beating her until Dre and Shyne intervene. The connect cuts his rough housing short and then pulls out a gun with the intention of shooting Dre, but Juliana shoots him dead first. She then steps over the body like nothing happened—that’s how you know she’s a G—and says that she’s actually still interested in doing business with them. Basically, they’re all about to try to take Lucious down.

They all shake on it…and scene.


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