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Source: The Belle Report / Sheilah Belle

Richmond, VA – May 3, 2017 — While we are all familiar with chain letters, recently there has been an influx of these letters being sent out all over Facebook!

What’s up with that?  Some of them start out with, “If you send this to 10 people God will bless you!” REALLY!?  There is the one about love, “Let me see how many people really love me.  Send this to ten people including me and if I get it back, I will know I’m love.”

The most recent one that I saw prompted me to write this post.

Belle InBox

Source: Belle InBox / Belle InBox

REALLY, you are going to position Satan and Jesus against each other, just so you can attempt to bully someone into sending something back to you, so you can feel good about yourself, on how you made someone react and do what you wanted them to do!?

Is that what you need to do, in order to feel loved? Additional what is the purpose behind sending these types of messages to others? Are you dealing with depression? Self esteem issues? Really what’s up? Or should the question be…”Why do YOU feel compelled to GUILT someone into sending ANYTHING out just so you can get it back!

Instead, try reaching out to a friend and just have a conversation. Be real with your feelings. Spend some quality time with the Lord and ask him, …If someone doesn’t respond to your chain letter are they going to Hell? I’m NOT God, but I think it would be safe to say no.  On the other hand if you keep sending out chain letters…lol… well…long story short… pull it in and start spending more time with God instead of harassing people for a response.

Keep on sending out those chain letters though, and before you know it, someone will eventually unfriend you or either blocked you!

Bye Felicia!