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Sheilah Belle rings the bell

Source: The Belle Report / Sheilah Belle

What an amazing journey, however THIS JOURNEY of Cancer is over!

It officially ended on Thursday, June 1, 2017!  Yes, I’m done! The cancers BEEN gone, however doctors took an extra step with radiation to make sure that anything missed was gone too!

I have finished my final radiation treatment. Chemo..Done! Surgery…Done! Radiation…Done! I just have check up and maintenance appointments.

In tradition when you are done with your treatment you are invited to ring a bell to show completion.  On June 1st, I was invited with this honor.

Truly I thank everyone for their prayers and thanking God for getting me through this assignment!

Sheilah Belle

Source: The Belle Report / Sheilah Belle

Picture here is my final team for radiation including Dr. Chin, Justin, and in the white shirt Nathan and Lisa.


Hallelujah! PRESS!~~