Police officials in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are searching for a White suspect who may be tied to the shooting deaths of two Black men, reports The Advocate.

The BRPD launched a manhunt on Friday for a man who is responsible for two random shootings that occurred last week, the news outlet writes.

During the first incident, which occurred on Tuesday evening, 59-year-old Bruce Cofield was fatally shot in the 3400 block of Florida Boulevard. According to the source, witnesses say that there were at least 12 shots fired. The second shooting, which claimed the life of 49-year-old Donald Smart, occurred in the 3400 block of Alaska Street on Thursday. Police say Smart was walking to work when he was ambushed and fatally shot.

After conducting ballistic tests, the BRPD discovered that the two shootings were linked, reports the Advocate. Police believe that the suspect is a White male who has a medium build, buzz cut, is donning a tactical vest, and drives a “small, older sedan with shiny rims.”

Baton Rouge Police Chief Jonny Dunnam told the news outlet that finding the suspect is their “top priority.” Dunnam added that his department will delve into whether other homicides that have happened in Baton Rouge were committed by the suspect. The Advocate reports the BRPD has called on police departments in other local communities to help them with their search.

The homicides come a year after a serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona targeted victims of color.

SOURCE: The Advocate


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