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Rose Watson and Saint Paul's Baptist Church

Source: The Belle Report / Rose Watson and Saint Paul’s Baptist Church

The St. Paul’s Baptist Church Mass Choir, under the direction of Patrick Newby and First Lady Rose Watson

Richmond, VA — On Sunday, November 19, 2017, St. Paul’s Baptist Church in Richmond, VA celebrated 108 years as a church.

While Pastor Lance D. Watson, Senior pastor of St Paul’s Baptist Church was not physically able to attend the celebratory morning service as he continues to recover from surgery, he had this to say, “This will be the first time in 32 years that I have not been physically present to celebrate our Church Anniversary, but can I ask you a favor? Would you make your way to church this weekend? Nothing would thrill my heart more as I recover from surgery than every service on every campus being filled to capacity celebrating the goodness of God! “

Needless to say but St. Paul’s Baptist Church (SPBC) members made their way to both Sunday morning services, and were greeted with high energy singing from the SPBC Mass Choir and a special selection from First Lady Rose Watson.

Saint Paul's Baptist Church Choir

Source: The Belle Report / Saint Paul’s Baptist Church Choir

The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church Mass Choir Marching into the sanctuary for 9am morning service

Sheilah Belle and St Paul's Baptist Church

Source: The Belle Report / Sheilah Belle and St Paul’s Baptist Church

(From left to right) Lance Watson, Jr., Sheilah Belle, Dr. John Adolph and First Lady Rose Watson

Filling in for Pastor Watson, was the anointed man of God, Dr. John Adolph, Senior Pastor of the Antioch Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas.

He preached from Acts 2 and spoke on the Holy Ghost.  By the time he was done, it felt like Pentecost Sunday, with saints coming to the front of the church for prayer, others praising God and even a few people speaking in a Heavenly unknown tongue as the Holy Ghost made its presence known.

It was TRULY a blessed Sunday and a good day to be at Saint Paul’s Baptist Church.

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