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A Pennsylvania golf club owner, like a Starbucks manager who called the police on two Black men in Philadelphia, gave some fake, messed-up and offensive explanation for why cops were called on five Black women golfers on Saturday.

The five women, who said they were racially profiled during a friendly game at the Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania, were told by the club’s co-owner that their “voices escalated.” The co-owner also said that police were called to the scene to “ensure an amicable resolution,” the York Daily Record reported. Really?

Sandra Thompson, Myneca Ojo, Karen Crosby, as well as sisters Sandra Harrison and Carolyn Dow, were minding their business when a club owner came up to them with some ridiculous story that they were “not keeping the pace of play.” Really? Can we say this is a golfing-while-Black incident?

Then, the women were told they were taking too long of a break between the golf course’s first and second halves. Again, really?

The women were then asked to exit stage left and offered a refund, but things got even more insane when the cops were called by the golf club. Say what?

The absurd harassment was so disturbing that three of the women left the club. They were treated like criminals in the same way that the two men at the Philly Starbucks were for only sitting while Black. Racially charged incidents, like the ones involving the five women and the two men at Starbucks, make you question the sanity of folks who call law enforcement for no logical reason.

Apparently, speaking up for yourself as a Black person means that you are about to turn into the Hulk and only cops can ensure that you calm down. Again, really?

The women are not having any wrongdoing here and going to give the club owners some “actright.”  Thompson, who is president of the York branch of the NAACP, wants a long-term resolution involving the owners addressing their biases, she said on Sunday. Let’s see what happens here.


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