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i am not afraid of the sands of time as they weather me
change me to become a masterpiece of imperfections

because my light

it radiates beyond the horizon

it surrounds me

and each day my testimony resonates the same truth beyond measure

i wake up and decide to keep my faith

i stretch it out, lay it down and surround myself in it

can’t nobody take my faith away from me

they say, fear is the deepest root of all negativity

so, rather than watch my back in anticipation of lashings

i keep my eyes wide open to watch all things good envelope me

i love like breathing


and each day my testimony resonates the same

my heart, purple, beats

filled with years worth of pain and loss

despite tomorrow as my father’s death, a five year anniversary

i celebrate the life i have been given to lead

the power in the lines blurred between coincidence and destiny


the light i have and the time

my living is testimony in itself that all things with purpose come to fruition

through my father, i am able to give a greater gift to anyone able to receive




stretch it out, lay it down and surround yourself in it

can’t nobody take my words away from me

because they are a torch to be carried

the catalyst of a chain reaction

a blessing, shared in community..

and we shine so bright





  About the Author

Heather Tipton has been writing poetry and short stories for over 15 years and is an alumna of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Heather is currently working on her first book of poetry, entitled ’Love Like Breathing..’ and pursuing a Master’s degree in English Literature.