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It’s amazing what family members, church members and some friends will endure, just so they don’t rock the boat!

Sometimes we deal with and have people in our lives who have been labeled “Well that’s just how they are.”  I have come to the realization that often, that doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing.  However these people say whatever they want, act anyway they want and because others around them have been allowing this behavior for years without any accountability, these “Well that’s just how they are” people continue to act like this.

Let me just say, I sincerely pray for those who have been submitting to people in your lives who have been causing you to feel imprisoned!

You have been suckered into believing if you say something the world is going to fall apart. Quit the contrary, how about you taking some of your life back from those who have been controlling it, from those who have been intimidating you, or from those who may feel they are untouchable.

Remember people can only lead, if they have someone following them.

Who are you following?  Who’s leading you?  Where are your loyalties?

To be like Christ means to love, not intimidate, not to take responsibility, to not pour ugly into other lives, not to plant bad seeds about someone else, not to take advantage of people who may be less knowledgeable, not to hold stuff over someone else’s head and the list goes on.

Either you really want to be like Jesus, or be the great person you think you already are in this bubble of a world you have created!