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Activists In New York Protest Government Shutdown

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

Richmond, VA — The Government Shutdown now enters into week four, and employees are really starting to feel it.  On last Friday, employees received a check that only had 00.0 on it.  They are being told they will eventually get paid but when?

When they finally get their checks may will have to play catch up which will also include late fees on top of late fees.

As the last Friday, the 2019 government shutdown has become the longest in the nation’s history with no end in sight as the President and the Democrats appear to be have their heels dug in deep.

Donald Trump wants 5.7 billion dollars for a security wall, that he initially promised that the Mexicans would pay for but now wants the American people to foot the bill.  As for the Democrats they are willing to negotiate as they have already given the President over 1 billion dollars for boarder control but Trump wants more and is NOT willing to negotiate for what he wants.

It a clearer picture of where both sides stand, if you were affected how long would you continue to go or afford to work each day without getting paid?