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In 2015, Kirk Franklin, released his eleventh studio album “Losing My Religion.” According to an interview he did with NPR the inspiration behind this album was to challenge his audience and speak about the messaging behind religion.

Franklin said, “Well, I feel that the pursuit of trying to know who God is, and trying to be known by God, can be lost in religion. Because religion, all that it is, is man’s attempt to try to put a definition on something that is very hard to define. We haven’t seen God with a physical eye, so we’re trying to understand him — sometimes from an academic approach, from a scientific approach, from a literal approach.”

Franklin continued, “We end up missing the incredible story — God made man, man rejected God, and God won’t stop chasing man until he wins him back. And that’s the simple story of God. Religion can create so much of a dogma and so much of a cloud to that simple story that people don’t want to know God. They see God as someone with the big belt, that’s gonna whoop you every time you do wrong.”

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Fast forward to now, he’s still going strong with his music and this message. Franklin in a recent interview with Stephanie Ike of The Shade Room, even spoke why he’s anti-religious.

He said, “The reason I am so anti-religious is since the inception of religion it’s always been mans attempt to define who God is within culture instead of allowing God to define who is to man.”

Franklin even shared his feelings saying their,  “turning their back on faith because of some things religion has birthed.”

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One message he wants us to remember is, “Don’t throw God out because some idiots made some mistakes.”

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Franklin also reminded us that God isn’t flawed, but his people are. As the conversation continued they brought up the fact that a lot of millenials are leaving the church.

Kirk responded by saying, “They’re showing them scriptures, not their scars.”

Make sure you listen to the full interview with below with Kirk Franklin!


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