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We all love Jay-Z and Kanye’s “N*ggas in Paris” even though most of us can only dream of the opulence they boast about in the catchy lyrics. Mos Def’s adopted an alter ago–Yasiin Bey and has released his version of the Watch The Throne hit, “N*ggas in Poorest.”

I love the fact that Mos Def is taking his spin on this song and making it mean something to black people. Commemorating Malcolm X’s death–which was February 21st in 1965. Instead of Will Ferrell’s comedic relief, Yasiini Bey uses a clip of Malcolm X eerily proclaiming he lives as a man who’s died already and he doesn’t fear anyone or anything.

Yasiin Bey repeats “Don’t caught up in no throne–” almost as if it’s some sort of mantra against everything Jay-Z and Kanye spit on “N*ggas in Paris.” Personally, I don’t think it’s an attack on the Watch the Throne lyricists, I believe Mos truly wants us all to open our eyes and stop pretending to live these materialistic lives when we’re plagued in violence, poverty and misguided youth.

What do you think of Yasiin Bey’s “N*ggas in Poorest?”

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