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34th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards - Show

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The Stellar Awards 35TH Anniversary Show 2020 is proceeding as planned, March 25 – 27, 2020 at the Orleans Hotel and Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The city of Las Vegas is continuing to host successful trade events and other public gatherings daily, maintaining rigorous cleanliness and safety standards throughout public spaces, resorts, and meeting facilities.

In light of the recent news of two (2) presumptive positive cases of the COVID-19 in Clark County, Nevada, we have reached out to our partners on the ground to assess the situation and determine their increased protocols for the health and safety of Show guests.

We are moving forward responsibly with the 35th Annual Stellar Awards in partnership with the Orleans Hotel and Arena to ensure that the safety of all show guests and participants is the highest priority at the event.

The Orleans Hotel and Arena has taken several steps to ensure increased safety for visitors, including:

  • Increasing cleaning protocols to include more frequent wiping and disinfecting of touch points in its facility during occupied show hours, such as door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, restroom stall doors and sinks.
  • Adding hand sanitizer stations in strategically placed areas throughout the facility.
  • Reinforcing its standard employee health practices, including sending employees home and or encouraging employees to stay home if they are sick or demonstrated health symptoms that could impact colleagues or guests.
  • Reinforcing its standard food safety awareness programs including frequent hand washing and placing hand sanitizer stations at the entrance of all food outlets.
  • Participating in ongoing webinars and conference calls with the International Association of Venue Managers, local health officials and the Center for Disease Control to stay abreast of new practices, protocols and guidance.

In addition to these measures taken at the venue, Central City Productions is increasing responsible messaging, signage and adding onsite medical personnel to address any immediate concerns.

State and local authorities in Southern Nevada are also monitoring the situation closely, and are well prepared to support any public health needs in the area. The Southern Nevada Health District conducts regular emergency exercises with both its public and private response partners, and there are plans in place for responding to an outbreak of disease and guidance for pandemic response.

Personal Precautions You Can Take To Protect Yourself

We are suggesting that all attendees observe a “no handshake/no hugging” policy at this year’s Stellar Awards to help reduce the unnecessary spread of germs. In addition, remember to observe common sense precautions to help keep yourself and others healthy and prevent the spread of flu, common colds, and other respiratory infections. These include frequent handwashing/sanitizing, avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth, and exercising caution by staying home if you feel symptomatic in any way. For more info please consult the CDC WEBSITE (click link here).

We thank everyone for 35 years of support of the Stellar Gospel Music Awards and we look forward to safely celebrating this special milestone with everyone!

Don Jackson, CEO

Central City Productions

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