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Racism should be the least of our worries these days, but it’s not. It seems as if people are taking their personal opinions on black people and churning out their corniest racist insults.

This is when sh*ts and giggles goes really wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially within the comforts of their own homes, but making those feelings public when it’s supremely offensive is just wrong. Once the “N” word slipped off their tongues repeatedly, I was officially done with these videos.

For research purposes, I’ve tried to watch them in their entirety, but when the girls from the last video tried to tell us what the difference between black people and “n*ggers,” I’d had enough.

The girls from the last video have since apologized but the manufactured remorse is pretty much falling on deaf ears. The damage has been done and there’s no turning back at this point. They didn’t pull these opinions out of the air–they’ve had to gain most of their stance on black people from their environment. So what I want to know is–are racist YouTube videos a new trend?

Warning: They get more offensive as you keep watching.

About 3 minutes and 30 seconds in, you will hear the brunette girl use the “N” word.

The original posting the girls did has been removed from YouTube, but they’re response to the responses they’ve been getting is below. These girls are what the word “ignorant” was created for.

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