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From: The Chosen Chick

Everybody I know hates their job and has a list full of things that they would differently if they were the boss. Everybody wants to be the boss, yet hates taking orders from others. Every book or article published about careers encourages everyone to be a leader, to be the boss of their own business, and not listen to others. There is nothing wrong with the entrepreneurial spirit. If I was raised around the principles of entrepreneurship, I would have surely been one of those 14-year-old millionaires, working on my fifth book. But I wasn’t. My parents are hard workers who will retire from their second (or so) jobs. My dad always tells me that my sister and I have had more jobs in high school that he had in his whole life! Funny but true.

It is practical and sensible that we find ways to make our money in these uncertain economic times. However, I see an influx of self-made CEOs that know nothing about the ethics of running a business and disregard the most important factor of being a good leader: being a good servant. People say that they are service-oriented, but are they really? The best bosses I have ever worked for are people who come early and stay late. Bosses who can and will do every one’s job in the office if necessary, and are not too proud to fill in when bathrooms needs to be cleaned and snow needs to be shoveled. Wearing a title like a big piece of blinged out jewelery is not the only duty of a boss. A real boss sacrifices the most, gives the most and the first to take the brunt of any bad decisions on the behalf of his employees.

Jesus was (is) the biggest boss we have ever seen. I don’t care what Rick Ross has to say. If he had a resume it would read something like this:

Jesus Christ


Chief Executive Officer, My Father’s Business

Founder & Operator, Christianity


To eliminate eternal death and increase the quality of life to current and future operators of franchise (John 10:7-10 )

Skills Profile:

Recruited and managed diverse staff (Luke 5:1-11 )

Provided hands-on and field training to staff preparing them for their own businesses (Mark 13:4 )

Created grassroots marketing campaign to boost consumer awareness (Matthew 5-7 )

Grew business from local to worldwide, multi-generational and demographic entity (Matthew 28: 19-20 )

Developed fool proof formula for repeated success (Philippians 4:12-13 )

Committed to service not only to employees but clients regardless of commitment to business (John 13:1-17 )

*Several references available upon request*

The enterprise that Jesus started is successful because of the principles and tools he used conduct his business. He could have been a jerk and lived off the notoriety of his father. But he instead was a humble servant of the people, making sure he followed the principles that God put him here to do. He did not back down from any challenge he was presented with and infamously took the punishment that his employees and customers deserved in order to further the mission of his business. Many of us say we want to be a CEO, but how many of us are willing to do these things listed above in order to be a success? We would sacrifice for some diamonds, a new car and some new clothes. But how would we sacrifice to serve people?

Service isn’t flossy. It is often the worst jobs in the hierarchy of employment. Nobody wants to work at a fast food joint, nobody wants to clean cars or hotel rooms. We don’t want to do it, and are in turn rude to the people who do it. Like that is what they want to do it. Even in customer service call centers, the horror stories about those experiences over the phone makes it seem like their job is worst than going to the cross!

Having owned my own business, I realized that I was not as committed to service as I thought I was. I was not willing to go beyond the call of duty to please people. I was not willing to give more that was paid for. Small business owners are passionate. But many lack the service attitude that is needed to be successful. That attitude teaches us the “Golden Rule” that Jesus has tried to beat into the heads of mankind since he was crucified: treat others the way you want to be treated. Patience, kindness and generosity are attributes that rarely taught when it comes to success in business. The key to real success is not about who can be the biggest cutthroat, shrewd and jerk boss. It’s about being a good servant. Following the example that Jesus set out for us, regardless of what career path you pursue will always lead to successful life. People say many things about what it takes to be great leaders, but actually ALL good leaders are good followers.