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Top view of Washington DC down town

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Airbnb is canceling and blocking all Washington, DC, reservations during the week of the inauguration.  After the riots, Airbnb made the decision following requests from Mayor Muriel Bowser, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to encourage visitors to stay clear of the area for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration on Wednesday. This in efforts to prepare for any citing threats of disruptions by “armed militias and known hate groups.”

Airbnb ensured that guests and hosts affected by the cancellations will receive full refunds and reimbursements. The company also announced it would bar “hate group members,” which includes members of the Proud Boys, from their platform as a part of a new “Capitol Safety Plan.” Account users that have been identified in news reports or by law enforcement as having attended the Capitol siege and partaking in “violent criminal activity” will be barred as well.

Airbnb has also said that guests in Washington, DC, identified as being part of a hate group, planning violence, or violating Airbnb’s policies could also face legal action from the company. DMV residents please stay home and watch this historic inauguration right here on our website.

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