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Joining us today with wellness tips and foods to boost your immune system is Dr. Tremaine Afetorgbor. She’s also known as Dr. Flava. She’s a licensed pharmacist, and author of the book How to Help yourself. She’s also an entrepreneur with her own line of seasonings. She’s a graduate of the HBCU Xavier University in Louisiana.









ERICA CAMPBELL: Let’s get to this immune system as our defense system. Let’s start with foods that we should be adding to our diets to keep our immune system strong.

DR. FLAVA: Absolutely. Well, you know, Erica, God created our bodies to work for us and our immune system is complex, but it records and It recalls so that it can fight off the bacteria, viruses and eradicate the threat to our bodies. So we know that sometimes pre existing conditions in the food intake can compromise our immune system. So I love cruciferous vegetables, which are broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, and collards. They all have vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. And those are all great for the body to work.

ERICA: Let’s talk about water because so many people do not drink water. Let’s talk about how it impacts our immune system. How much should we be drinking every day?

DR. FLAVA: Water is very simple. A lot of people just don’t have a light for water but our body is mostly made up of water, our organs, and our cells. So we want to make sure that we’re taking it enough. So some people say 64 ounces, that’s the standard or half your body weight in water and ounces. So if your 200 pounds, that will be 100 ounces of water. And that’s going to help to flush out any toxins. It’s going to also help to replenish the organs in your cell blood source. So its important that we’re staying hydrated is very simple, but it’s something that is important for overall health.

ERICA: Yes, absolutely. As a pharmacist, how important are your supplements? When I go to my doctor, that’s the first thing they ask what supplements are you taking?

DR. FLAVA: Absolutely. So supplements are great as add-ons, Okay? So we want to focus on what we’re actually lacking, right? And when I was practicing as a pharmacist, people just thought that they could just supplement, supplement and still live an unhealthy life. But I want people to understand that we are supplementing what we are lacking. And we want to make sure we’re picking eat a whole food base or plant based. The other thing I want to add on to is you do want to talk to your doctor or pharmacist because they can be some interactions if you are taking medication. So I like probiotics because gut health is linked to your immune system. So adding on a probiotic if you’re not eating foods. I also like of course vitamin d3, which we saw during COVID. People weren’t going outside. If you’re not getting that sunlight, get vitamin d3 but get a really good one. It is fat soluble, so it’s best if you’re if it’s taken with a fatty food like avocados, okay, and that’s going to help. And then I also like elderberry you could add that off for your immune system. See moss is getting a lot of buzz right now but it has so many minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins. And the last one I like it’s ashwagandha and it is used to help with sugar cravings, with stress. But if we’re in a stressful state, it can decrease our immune system and I want to make sure people learn how to control their stress level. So ashwagandha is great and it can help with your immune function

ERICA: Ashwagandha is so bitter what can you add with it?

DR. FLAVA: Well, I actually take the capsule form, I don’t drink it. So I will put it with a little honey like when I was little my mom would just put the Robitussin and with a little honey just to get it down so you can always do that.

ERICA: Okay, I mentioned earlier that you have your own line of spices. So how can people get the spices and your book “The pharmacist guide to how to help yourself?”

DR. FLAVA: Absolutely. So you can visit me at Dr. Or you can go to any of my social media pages there’s a link there in the bio. Family I am declaring that you are healthy and whole

ERICA: In Jesus name.




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