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The Mid-Term elections are less than 3 months away and we need to be prepared for not only the candidates but the some of the new laws that have been put in place. Judge Melodee Armstrong comes to the Get Up Church today to give us what we need to know.











Erica Campbell: So let’s jump right in the midterm elections coming up in November. What can we expect?

Judge Melodee Armstrong: Since World War II, the party of the incumbent president loses ground during the midterm elections and with allegations of voter fraud that often failed in court, lack of new voting laws. So expect a little confusion and a recommitment to voting? Is go time.

Erica: With all the new voting laws around the country. Where does the Voting Rights Act of 1965, where does it stand in 2022?

Judge Melodee: Some say leaning on one leg? Georgia recently and visited briefly with Senator Raphael Warnock who is on the ballot there, the US Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act and Shelby County, Alabama vs Eric Holder in 2013. Section five required certain state governments to get federal preclearance before changing voting laws. Preclearance lead to more minority congressional representation and voter turnout. Section four B was the formula to determine who needed preclearance based on their history of voting discrimination. Erica, the Supreme (Court) struck (down) section four B. So by 2018, nearly 1000 polling places closed many in majority black counties, which led to reduced voter turnout, cut to early voting, voting ID laws and purging voter roles. So how did we get here, Deborah Cox?

Erica: So what are some new voting laws and how these laws affect us?

Judge Melodee: Sure. Some examples are:

  • Alabama: voting curbside is curved, so people with infirmities, a fear of COVID, you’ve gotta go in.
  • Texas: new rules and possible crimes for voter assistance, and you must give your Social Security or driver’s license number for mail in ballots.
  • Florida: new restrictions on dropboxes, mail in voting, and new laws for election crime.
  • Georgia: Reduced the ballot drop boxes and commissioners have more control over election. But they extended early voting so voter turnout and registration appear to be increasing because of anger over new laws.
  • And Arizona, Connecticut, New York and Oregon passed laws making it easier for eligible voters.

You can learn how to register through USA.Gov and 45 days before an election confirmed you’re still on the voting roles, or re-register ASAP. If someone lost voting rights because of felony convictions Be not dismayed. Check Unlock Our Vote campaign and the US vote foundation because those rights may be restored. And remember Florida voters restored voting rights for about 1.4 million people. The voting must be valuable if someone is trying to keep you from it. Right. We need to have a plan and we want to be as devoted and excited about voting at school kids with summer break. As you Erica, are we spending time with your family and as possible student loan forgiveness.

Erica: Absolutely. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge and information. And I think that for a long time we’ve they tried to make it as difficult as possible and it’s worth your time. It’s worth your energy. It’s worth taking the time off going to get in that line and making sure that you can let your voice be heard. We appreciate you for being with us. Judge mellow, tell us how we can follow you on social media.

Judge Melodee: You can follow me at @JudgeMelodeeArmstrong on Instagram On Facebook Judge Melodee Armstrong and we all can’t bless the mic like you Miss Erica, but we all have a voice your vote is your voice. So stay vocal America. Stay vocal.







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