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If you haven’t figured it out, the world’s full of fear. We’ve been overwhelmed by it the past few years with a pandemic and countless breaking news cycles. THERE IS REAL TROUBLE OUT HERE. And so much of it we have zero control over. “TIME TO BE AFRAID!”  Yet, people turn to your station daily to find respite from their fear. They need hope. You share with the masses the reason we are told “do not be afraid” 357 times in scripture…because as Psalm 139:16 says, “all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

Pandemic, Russia’s nuclear war threats, Hurricane Ian, Cancer, Death, Layoffs, Divorce, My teenager hates me, Mid-Term Elections

This list can go on and on if you let it. Any of us could add 25 more things to this list if we let ourselves. We’re all afraid. Your listeners are afraid. What if the very next message you share with them is this: Fear is not my future; Jesus, YOU are! The fear will keep coming (especially with the upcoming US elections).

There will continue to be crises long after that as well.

Let THIS be the message you share with people:

Fear is not my future. You are

Sickness is not my story. You are

Heartbreak’s not my home. You are

Death is not the end. Jesus, You are

Hello peace

Hello joy

Hello love

Hello strength

Hello hope

It’s a new horizon

We love what Brandon shares about “Fear Is Not My Future”:

“For each one of us, that resonates – we need more peace, we need more joy, we need more love. What I love, is that it’s kind of packaged in this prophetic way, of like “hello”. Like I’m counting on it! Here it comes! I’m gonna let God work it for my favor, turn it for my good, whatever situation I’m in right now. I’m gonna let him work it, I’m gonna let him turn it. I was saying hello to fear, now I’m saying hello to love!”