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Source: Ervin Clark / Ervin Clark

Richmond, January 11, 2023 — With a New Year, may we all trust God to help us do something new, to grow in our spiritual walk, to no longer stay stuck in that uncomfortable relationship with whoever or whatever, but to finally dig deep and make that decision, to move forward.

Do what you have been designed do!

Stop trying to normalize things that are not of God or compromises the Word of God! In 2023, learn how to know God for yourself!

Prayer! Fasting! Holiness! The gifts of the spirit!

Follow Gods lead! Go where you can grow in God and where there ARE opportunities of elevation!

Let NO MAN hold you back, keep you down or silence your gifts or talents! You have been dealing with that long enough.

Time to break those chains, be free, spiritually free and start becoming all you can be! To a NEW YEAR 2023!