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After viewing the movie, Social Network, I left in awe. The movie is based off of the book, The Accidental Billionaire by Ben Mezrichs- the story about the success of Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

According to the movie, accidental is exactly what Zuckerberg’s success was. His need to create Facebook was not out of a desire to make money but a desire to improve his social status. His diligence and wherewithal to see the project through to the end is what brought about his success. Because he was focused on a project that he was passionate about and put in the needed work to bring it alive, today he is ranked the youngest billionaire in the world. Although there are conflicting reports regarding the authenticity of the book and the movie itself, truth or fiction, the fact remains that Facebook exist and has been a phenomenal success.

My question to you:

If Zuckerberg was able to accomplish his current status by accident, what can you accomplish on purpose?

We have 65 days left in 2010. How will you finish? Will you be the next accidental billionaire? It is not a hard goal to strive for. Abandon all doubt and fear, pursue your passion and STRIVE for success! In the next 65 days, work hard in establishing a firm foundation to launch from in 2011. It is never too late to be successful. You are right on time. LET’S DO THIS!!!

We are victorious! Have a productive week!

God Bless.


Written by: Judi Mason for Elev8

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