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• Personal and community-based goal-setting through simulated labs

• Develop personal action plans upon graduation from Kappa Kamp

• Learn how to collaboratively strengthen communities through service

• Provide opportunities for utilization of skills learned in Kappa Kamp

• Complete a community service project within a year of graduation


Kappa Kamp, a partnership between The Piney Woods School and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, teaches students to envision their educational opportunities as stepping stones to positive influence in their decision-making for personal growth and community collaboration. During the two weeks, students are engaged in classroom learning, a variety of simulated laboratories employing the use of technology, field trips, and physical activities to emphasize that a well-rounded student has a better chance of becoming a more sophisticated adult who can then be a productive leader in their respective communities.

Convening students from all over the US to Piney Woods School provides a measurable opportunity to create a “ripple-effect” of excitement about education and leadership development. Aligning Kappa Kamp with local alumni chapter mentors through national Guide Right programming further ensures that the benefits of the summer program are sustained.

How will the 250K be Used?

Budget Notes: This budget will not fund administrative costs associated with Kappa Kamp. These costs will be borne by the Kappa Foundation, Inc. , and the Southwestern Education and Leadership Training Foundation, Inc.
$ 139,000 Tuition Scholarships for 200 students
$ 3,362 Student Activities student field trips off and on the grounds
$ 5,363 Uniforms for Kappa Kamp Participants (t-shirts and shorts)
$ 7,975 Meals for 14 days
$ 17,000 Computer Hardware – 20 Dell Inspiron Notebooks (WiFi w/capability)
$ 20,000 Pentax Digital Cameras – 200 Cameras for Each Student
$ 57,300 Transportation – Purchase 25 Passenger Bus to Transport Students