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I Don’t Care | Ericaism

Stone Soul 2024
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Well, listen, I feel like it’s the season for me to remind y’all of how to not care so much about what people have to say about you. Social media still gets people stirred up. They don’t know who these people are, where they come from, and grief. I’m telling you, people will be so upset over what some stranger somewhere who will probably never see you if they don’t scroll on your page and you take time out of your life to respond. 

Like you actually stop living your life to talk to somebody that you don’t even really know. Why? I mean you need to be blessed with a little more who cares? I don’t care. I mean, I just think that when you know who you are and who’s you are not when you know where your affirmation comes from, when you know what you’re doing and you and what you’re doing it for. Then you understand that everybody will not have pom poms. When you do what you do and that is OK, I believe that I’m assigned to who I’m assigned to and who I’m not for. I’m not for and that is OK, like even being out on this they’re some people. They only came to see Tasha. They only came to see Israel, Jonathan or Jalen, or they only came to see me. That is fine. I don’t get offended by that. Right.  


And I don’t have to prove anything to anybody, but just I just feel like in this world of social media, where everybody does have a right to say something, you don’t have to accept it or receive it or be offended by it. Or other words that hurt absolutely. I’m not saying that they won’t hurt, but you don’t have to allow them space to take up space in your heart, in your conversation. And then you continue the conversation. Then you share it with other people. 

We had concert one of the concerts we had protesters outside. Do you think he was going to waste time? Were we supposed to be giving God praise to talk about somebody who didn’t even get a ticket, who was outside? No, not at all. The people who were inside were there because they came to give God praise and give God glory right, and so we don’t have to focus on the negative. Focus on the naysayers.

Let’s focus on the people that you’re blessing. Focus on them. The people that support you, focus on them. The people that love you. Focus on them. The other folks listen. You can give your live your whole life.

You can have an I don’t like Erica party. If you want to. I ain’t coming. And guess what? I’m not gonna look at the pictures. I’m not going to post no comment, but God bless your heart. You do what you want to do. They don’t bother me at all. 


So let’s learn to have just a little bit of, I don’t care, just grow up a little bit. Don’t let people bother you and ruffle your feathers, all right? That is my Erica ISM for the day. I’m blessed with the ability to not care. And I’m willing to share with as many others as needed.  


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