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Her Story: Mahalia Jackson – You Are Blessed To Be A Blessing | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Her Story: Mahalia Jackson – You Are Blessed To Be A Blessing”

We have been celebrating women, history makers. And as we celebrate women History Month, I want to highlight another woman who made an incredible impact on the world. I want to celebrate the life of Mahalia Jackson. She was born into poverty in New Orleans and went to Chicago as a teenager and started singing in churches, at funerals of revivals. Every time she sang, she would wreck the church or people were overwhelmed by her powerful voice and her anointing that she had. She got signed to a small record label. Recording a record called ‘Moving On Up a little Higher and Higher”, it’s sold over 2 million copies, and that was unheard of f gospel music.  

Martin Luther King Junior called her his inspiration, and she sang before he gave that world famous speech. I have a dream right before he was inspired, and while he was speaking, he deviated from his speech. When she said tell him about the dream Martin, tell him about the dream. And that’s when he went off script went to work well folks, she said something. You gotta believe that you were born for greatness, that you got to give your best cause. Hard work is a blessing. And when you work hard, you get an extra special blessing. Today, I want you to do what Mahalia Jackson did. Hard work and work hard and be blessings to everybody you meet.  

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