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VIA: Fitness.Com

Having a healthy heart includes a combination of exercise, healthy diet and heart supplements. Each of these plays a very important role in your heart health and the three together work towards maximum heart benefits.

Exercise: The American Heart Association suggests that even moderate activity can be beneficial for the heart. According the studies the effect of inactivity on the heart is comparable to that of smoking, raised cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. So living an inactive lifestyle may be as harmful for the heart as smoking! The American Heart Association recommends that all healthy adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, five days a week. Such activities can include swimming, jogging, aerobic dancing, yard work, gardening, walking, climbing stairs, or cycling. Aerobic exercises in particular help to stimulate the production of oxygen in the blood and increase heart palpitation. This gives a good workout for the heart and lungs. Anaerobic exercise helps to build muscles. It is advisable to mix your exercise routine with aerobic, anaerobic and stretches.

Exercise helps to:

1. Strengthen the functions of the heart and lungs, as well as other organs in the body. It builds strength and endurance to help increase energy levels and optimize metabolism.

2. It also releases stress and tension accumulated in joints and muscles, as well as increases joint mobility and flexibility.

3. Supports healthy circulation of blood to all organs.

4. Tones skin.

5. Helps promote regularity of bowel movements.

6. Supports immune health.

Before starting any exercise program consult with your doctor for an exercise regiment that is suitable for you.

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