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Futuristic, funkdafied and full of praise and worship: if you have a hard time connecting those adjectives with sanctified music, then perhaps you’ve never heard the phenomenal Deitrick Haddon.

Ever since his professional debut in the 1995 with The Voices of Unity, the 37-year-old Detroit native has taken his elastic vocal range and enthusiastically-eclectic production style beyond his home church to a worldwide audience. Church on the Moon, his first musical project in nearly three years, is one of Mr. Haddon’s most imaginative offerings yet, blending spiritual and soulful messages of hope and healing that will move practically anyone within hearing range.

With 19 tracks,…Moon is an ambitious undertaking, but thanks to his prowess, it’s a creatively cohesive one, pairing conventional-sounding songs with more modern offerings. The first single, “Well Done,” is a fervent plea to leave his sins behind to join his Heavenly Father after he passes on: “I just want to cross the river, I want to be free from sin/… and when this life is over, I just want to have eternal life.” “You Are My Strength,” which could be about his Lord or his woman, pours out the contents of his heart as he offers praise for that person’s devotion to his life: “When I felt like dying, you made me feel better/took me by the hand, and told me ‘we can make it through this together.'” And one would have to ice in his or her veins not to feel the redemptive power of “Baby You’re a Star,” an uplifting anthem for those feeling beat up by life’s choices and seeking His approval and grace: “But because you’ve had some setbacks in your life, it doesn’t you should let, just let your dreams die/ Baby you’re a star, don’t you know who you are? Don’t you let nobody tell you nothing different/from what you know is in your heart.”
Is all choirs, crooning and keyboards? Not quite.
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SOURCE: Soul Tracks – Melody Charles