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If you have diabetes or know someone who has diabetes, you know how important it is to be able to manage it and live a healthy life. Here are some ways to control diabetes for life:

Principle 1: Educate yourself about diabetes. There are two types of diabetes. It is important to know which one you have so that you can seek the right type of treatment. Consult your physician to be sure.

Principle 2: Make sure you seek regular care for your diabetes. In order to properly manage your diabetes, it is very important that you get the proper care and advice from your physician.

Principle 3: Learn how to control your diabetes. You can control your diabetes by doing things like exercising, maintaining a healthy diet and improving your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Principle 4: Take care of your diabetes ABC’s (A1C blood glucose average, cholesterol and blood pressure). This is a very important part of diabetes treatment. Make sure this is a top priority.

Principle 5: Monitor your diabetes ABC’s. Many of these tests are available through your physician or at your local pharmacy. Once you get a handle on your ABC levels, managing your diabetes will be that much simpler.

Principle 6: Avoid and prevent long-term diabetes problems. Diabetes can cause long term health issues such as stoke, kidney failure and amputation. These long-term issues are avoidable by taking prescribed medications as directed, eating healthy, staying active and monitoring the ABC’s.

Principle 7: Get checked and treated for long-term problems. It is important to catch any health issues that diabetes may cause before they become long-term. Treatment of these issues will be more effective the earlier the they are caught.

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