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In 2001, after a devastating experience I was left severely wounded, to the point that I was paralyzed by pain.  The pain from the betrayal was so severe and detrimental that I did not know how to process it. Although I had a good support system, I felt lost and alone. I honestly did not think that anyone around me could really comprehend the pain that I was feeling.

One night, during this difficult period, at the grocery store I passed the book kiosk and this colorful book cover caught my attention. It was as if this book was calling my name. When I read the title I knew I had to purchase it; the title alone truly spoke to my brokenness. The book: Just Enough Light for the Step That I’m On by Stormie Omartian. At the time, I knew nothing about the book or the author but I knew it contained the answers that I needed.

In this book, Stormie Omartian shares the trials and tribulations of her childhood. As a result of her tumultuous experience she was left with baggage and scars. In each chapter she shares her journey from victim to victor. I read the book as if it were my lifeline. Although our situations were different, there was still pain and the pain was real. Each chapter helped me literally take one step at a time towards my healing. The book contained healing scriptures that help me to release my pain to the Lord. The chapters revealed someone who understood my pain. As well as, someone who had come out through the healing power of Jesus. Each chapter showed me how to do the same.

As the title states, some times we only have enough strength, enough faith and enough courage for right now. What this book helped me to see was that I could walk out my healing, one step at a time. I didn’t have to be the super hero and I did not have to know all the answers. I just needed to take my time and allow the saving grace and the healing power of Jesus to help me reach my desired end, which was wholeness.

I think back on that book today and the title still blesses me. So often we are overwhelmed and don’t know which way to go or what to do. But if we would just take a moment from multi-tasking the multi-tasker and take the pressure off of ourselves. We would be able to see that we have Just Enough Light for the step we are CURRENTLY on. By taking one step at a time, we will find ourselves in a better place; a place of peace, joy and tranquility.

Be it that you are going through a difficult time in your life or simply you are overwhelmed with the cares of life. Free yourself and take one step at a time. You will be glad you did.

Be blessed and allow the healing power of Jesus to deliver you and set you free.