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The never ending rollercoaster of losing weight  has a lot of men and most women frantic on a regular basis.  We pay close attention to celebrities, reality stars and quick ways to drop the pounds.  Jenny Craig, Weigh Watchers and Nutrisystem have spent millions of marketing and advertising dollars posting celebrity endorsed campaigns coercing and tempting the lean-challenged individuals to join their program for a new weight loss journey.  Valerie Bertinelli, QueenLatifah, Marie Osmond, Phylicia Rashad and Jennifer Hudson have been outstanding spokespersons and have motivated me and many others to get motivated to lose the weight.  Even as each campaign has been great and motivating, when the Queen of Everything, Oprah Winfrey says something as profound as “I’m never Dieting again,” people want to know what moved Oprah to say that.  Loyal fans are curious to what triggered her epiphany and cured her infamous yo-yo dieting  issues. From quick fixes to lifestyle changes, Oprah has been consistently gaining and losing weight for years; a problem that many Americans share.

The May 12th episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” seemed to have affected her so deeply that it brought her to tears. Who was responsible for this epiphany? A woman named Geneen Roth, author of “Women Food and God.” Since this New York Times bestseller hit the market, it has been embraced by women across the globe.

During the taping of the show, Oprah had an epiphany about the  relationship with food and the relationship with whatever is going on in your life; the goodness that you feel and the alignment that you feel (when things are working out well for yourself) is in direct proportion to how close you are to what Roth calls GOD.

Your disconnection from the center of yourself is the reason for all of your problems, including the problem with food.

Oprah shared an excerpt from the book that changed her life: “We turn to food when we are not hungry because we are hungry for something we cannot name. A connection to what is beyond the concerns of daily life, something sacred. But replacing the hunger for a divine connection with Double Stuff Oreos is like giving a glass of sand to a person who’s dying of thirst.”

The more you recognize your inner problems, anxiety or discomfort, the better your relationship will be not only with food but of course with your soul. You’ll be happier, and the weight will fall off more naturally.

“You keep trying to feed yourself with that which cannot feed you,” Oprah said. “I turn to food because if I deal with whatever it is I have to deal with in the moment, I’m going to fall apart.”

Oprah left viewers with a burning question that she has clearly asked herself many times. “Look into the mirror, and look deep into your eyes,” she said. “Look beyond the flaws and the blemishes, look right through to your soul and ask yourself: What do you see? And can you begin to love that?”

Are you loving what you see?  Let me know.