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A Princeton University professor says the black church is dead.


Eddie S. Glaude Jr., the William S. Tod professor of religion and chairman of the Center for African-American studies at Princeton University, posted on the Huffington Post, “(The) idea of this venerable institution as central to black life and as a repository for the social and moral conscience of the nation has all but disappeared.”

Glaude posted his column in February, but it is still touching off a debate in some Christian circles. Glaude argues although nearly 80 percent of African Americans say religion is important to their lives that the church’s overall conservatism makes it less influential than it used to be.

I agree.

During the Civil Rights Movement, black churches seemed progressive. The fight for equality started in the churches. Guade says church pastors today are conservative, and many African Americans attend non-denominational mega-churches.

In Charlotte, black churches are not influential beyond reaching their own congregations. What do you think? Are black churches still community influencers?