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Jermaine Jackson and La Toya Jackson are both writing books this summer. Both siblings have been quite busy the last few months. La Toya just finished “Celebrity Apprentice” and Jermaine just finished touring. They want to be able to set the record straight.

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Jermaine Jackson’s You are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother’s Eye” will be released this fall. Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, promises a “faithful and loving portrait,” but one with “no subject off limits.” Jackson spoke in 2003 of wanting to write a memoir and reports surfaced again after Michael’s death, in 2009.

“You Are Not Alone: Through a Brother’s Eyes” is described as an unedited look at the real Michael Jackson from the perspective of Jermaine Jackson who was with Michael from the beginning. “It is a frank, but sophisticated examination of the human, not the legend,” said a spokesperson for Touchstone, “with revealing insights and no subject off limits.” Reuters goes on to report that Jermaine Jackson revealed how he wants people to remember Michael Jackson in a realistic way and not as an eccentric entertainer. Jermaine also mentioned that the purpose of the book is for the world to understand the truth about his brother while sharing memories as a family so that the life of Michael Jackson isn’t a mystery.

La Toya’s Jackson’s book “Starting Over” pays tribute to his tortured soul—revealing the intimate moments she shared with the deeply troubled pop legend. The first sibling to arrive at the hospital after Michael was rushed there, and the informant on his death certificate, La Toya noticed suspicious details and demanded a second autopsy. For the first time, she unveils shocking behind-the-scenes dealings that she believes led to her brother’s death, and she provides unprecedented insight into the destruction of one of the most dynamic artist/performers in history. In an account sure to send shock waves around the globe, La Toya sheds new light on the dynamics of the Jackson family and the curtain of secrecy and intrigue that has surrounded her brother Michael, and the rest of the Jackson children, since they became stars in the ’60s and ’70s.

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She explains her estrangement from— and gradual reconciliation with—one of America’s most famous and close-knit families. Like Michael, La Toya experienced an upbringing that made her vulnerable to exploitation, and her own journey led to hell and back at the hands of her former manager and husband, Jack Gordon. Sharing with honesty and an open heart some of the most painful episodes of her life story, La Toya reveals how anyone—regardless of fame, fortune, or status—can be trapped in a cycle of abuse, and how she was able to find the courage to rebuild her shattered sense of self, her career, and her relationship with her family, and to finally break free. Here is