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Coco Brother will be speaking at the Radio One Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Expo on July 23rd

Every day millions of listeners sing along to the catchy, popular phrase, “CoCo Brother, Jesus Baby” from the syndicated gospel radio show “CoCo Brother Live”. Millions of television viewers then tune in every Sunday morning to watch BET gospel favorite, “Lift Every Voice.” The man responsible for both: Cory Condrey! Although Condrey wears multiple hats, his job remains the same- to encourage and inspire. Known by fans across the world as “CoCo Brother,” this spirited Christian media personality is also a Kingdom activist, a community advocate, and a devoted family man.

While holding down these various duties, Cory also launched the STAND Campaign in 2007. The heart of Cory’s passion for ministry, the STAND Campaign is the “Campaign that Promotes Jesus Christ” through a variety of ministry initiatives. In 2008, Condrey married the love of his life, Evangelist Joann Rosario Condrey, who has since joined him in ful?lling the evangelism mandate of STAND.

As a Kingdom Activist, Cory Condrey carries out the important initiatives under the STAND Campaign. One of the initiatives under the STAND Campaign is the EXODUS movement. EXODUS is a grassroots youth outreach that goes out to the streets sharing the message of Christ in social terms that are relevant to today’s youth. Kicking off the summer of 2010, the couple launched the special JESUS RALLIES initiative, holding rallies in the cities of Atlanta, Washington, DC, Richmond, and Charlotte.