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In the latest issue of EBONY Magazine, Tyler Perry opens up about the three most extraordinary events in his life over the past few years.

Perry covers the August 2011 “Black Wealth Issue” of EBONY where he reveals his definition of wealth saying,

“I’ve always been wealthy because I had a tremendous amount of love from my mother. She didn’t have much, but she gave me Jesus.”

Reflecting on his life, Tyler opened up about the 3 significant events in recent years that profoundly changed him. He said the first was that he turned 40 in September 2009. Then he lost his mother Willie Maxine Perry. And lastly, he appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in December 2010 where he shared details about the sexual abuse he endured and the beatings/mental abuse by his father.

He added that he waited until his mother’s passing before revealing the abuse.

“When my mother took her last breath, I was able to take my first because I would not be a source of pain for her as long as she was alive,” he said. I didn’t know how liberating it would be to sit in the pain of the moment, feel it, allow myself to squeeze it as hard as I could then let it go”.

He also revealed that he is no longer angry at Spike Lee and will never be critical of him again.

“Because I saw his children and forgot that the man has kids,” he said. “I’m gonna be more respectful of him and his family”. “I believe Spike can do what he does and I can do what I do. We both have a voice and very different experiences in life. There’s room for more than one of us in every industry, and the moment we embrace that as a society, we can get past all this stuff”.

Then Tyler dropped a bomb and revealed in the issue that he almost became a baby daddy:

“Back in December” he began “when we thought we were having a kid, I got overwhelmed. “We” (the interviewer asked) Is there a woman in your life? “Yeah” he responded–smiling yet no elaborating. He says, “she is really, really special. It’s the longest relationship I’ve been in, largely because I don’t feel any kind of marry-me-now pressure from her”.

Tyler Perry’s Ebony issue is on stands now.