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By Sheilah Belle

Richmond, VA — “If your mother or father gets Alzheimer’s today, your life will change tomorrow!”  These are the words spoken by Garrett Davis of the Forget Me Not Project, as he pushes to reach the masses and bring awareness to Alzheimer’s.  Davis-Ambassador and playwright is also gradually becoming the new voice for taking Alzheimer’s center stage to many communities and cities across the country.  One reason for this he says is to honor his late grandmother “Goodness’ who lost her battle to this devastating disease.

Davis says, “The Forget Me Not Project is committed to research and clinical trials, caregiver support and the advancement of public policy while raising the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease throughout the United States.”   

When I first heard the words, “If your mother or father gets Alzheimer’s today, your life will change tomorrow,”  my life and sensitivity to the topic also changed as I heard story after story from Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients, and the frustration and aggravation they live through everyday.  When I read the statistics of Alzheimer’s being flashed on a projector screen, and saw the millions affected, I was in shock just like the other 517 people sitting at the first Town Hall meeting held at 5th Baptist Church in Richmond, VA on Thursday, September 15th.

The reality of what could be, hit hard and it hit fast!  Moreso, hearing that African Americans are twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s, than people not of color AND that THAT IS NO CURE was heart breaking!

Bottom line, we need to become educated

Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. Alzheimer’s disease (AD), is one form of dementia that gradually gets worse over time. It affects memory, thinking, and behavior.  Memory impairment, as well as problems with language, decision-making ability, judgment, and personality, are necessary features for the diagnosis.

*There are 4.5 million Americans who have Alzheimer’s

*There are more than 15 million care givers in the world

*More than 183 billion dollars is spent on Alzheimer’s annually

*Every 69 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

The Forget Me Not Town Hall over all goal was to simply discuss the need for better awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and how the community can help make a positive difference for those already affected by the disease.  If you missed the meeting, learn more about Alzheimer’s, the affects, warning signs and how to prepare and to be a better caregiver.

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This event was supported by The Forget Me Not Program, Hosea Productions, Radio One and The Belle Report.

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