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By Sheilah Belle

Someone once told me, when God finished creating Heaven and Earth, He pushed the excess water near and around the North and South Pole areas. If that is true, it would explain the indescribable feeling every time I have traveled to Alaska, just a few hundred miles shy of the North Pole.  There is purity about the land along with clean crisp air, always ready and waiting to welcome you just outside the airport front door.

For me and eighteen others, from the lower 48 (states), there was also the “Together We Stand” crew waiting to give their official welcome, but with a more strategic plan. The goal for the week, which began on Monday, November 7th and wouldn’t end until Sunday, November 13th, was to conduct an intense Gospel Music Workshop, with V. Michael McKay at the helm, put on a concert with special guests, Jessica Reedy, Mali Music and The Belle, showcase the Together We Stand Workshop Choir and give local Alaskan Gospel singers a chance to shine in their own element during the first ever Alaska Got Talent Showcase with the winner taking home $25,000 in industry prizes.

Additionally, Together We Stand, which is also a humanitarian campaign, also worked to raised funds for two Beneficiary organizations, including Joel’s Place and Rescue Missions.

Joel’s Place is a faith based youth center whose mission is to provide a creative, fun filled positive atmosphere for youth and the Rescue Mission has become the place many have turned to for spiritual, physical, mental, emotional help during challenging times.

Needless to say, but the week long effort, far exceeded its goal as it touched the lives of everyone involved as well as the “Together We Stand” team including, Anthony Buie, Louise Buie, Elder White, Linda White, Kim Walker, Larry Walker, Jr., Keesha Brickhouse, Winifred Robinson and Sheilah Belle aka The Belle.

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