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Girl Scouts USA’s recent revelation that its local chapters sometimes induct boys who try to live as girls, considered transgendered, is already having repercussions in Louisiana, where three troops at a Christian school have disbanded in disappointment.

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Susan Bryant-Snure of Lacombe, La., is one of three troop leaders at Northlake Christian School who resigned and are dismantling their troops because the policy is in conflict with that of the host school. Her three daughters, ages 10, 6 and 4, are among 25 girls who had been active scouts there.

Instead, Northlake is investigating aligning with American Heritage Girls, a group organized in 1995 in protest to the Girl Scouts’ decision to allow scouts to replace the word “God” in scout teachings with a word representing a personal image of God, such as a “higher being,” “Allah” or “Buddha.”

The newer group proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord, limits membership to girls and works to disciple girls as Christians.

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The issue came to light late last month when a mother in Denver, Colo., tried to gain entry into the Girl Scouts for her son, a biological 7-year-old male who seeks to live as a little girl. Initially turned away, the mother called a press conference in protest. This led the Colorado chapter to reveal its practice of inclusion, which evaluates the admission of boys, albeit transgendered, on a case-by-case basis. While the Denver boy had not been admitted as of early December, the Colorado group is discussing the matter with the mother and is amenable to admitting the boy if he is living as a girl, explained Rachelle Trujillo, vice president for communications of the Colorado Girl Scouts. Click here to read more