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Check out our exclusive interview with The Belle interviewing Dr. Lance on site.

by Sheilah Belle

Richmond, VA — Occupy the Dream in downtown Richmond, VA shifted into 1st Gear as members of the 99% gathered to take a stand during a peaceful demonstration with Dr. Rev. Lance D. Watson, Senior Pastor of St. Pauls Baptist Church, leading the way on Monday morning, January 16, 2012 in 35 degree temperatures.

As Dr. Watson spoke to the crowd he said this is what we are standing for…

1.    Restoration of Pell Grant funding and low interest student loans.

2.    An immediate moratorium on foreclosures until a comprehensive development plan can be put in place to help millions of people across this country return to and stay in their homes.

3.    A constitutional amendment to limit the amount of corporate money that can be contributed to political campaigns.

4.     End the Bush Era Tax cuts.

5.    Give tax breaks to employers who hire veterans and retrain soldiers returning from military service who are hard to employ because of illnesses like post-traumatic stress syndrome.

6.    Invest in America: rebuild our nations’ infrastructure, our roads, bridges, trains, tunnels, highways and schools.

As for their Next Step he said, “That will come on February 14th with the Love Your Community Day (Super Tuesday).  On that day he is asking at least (500,000) people to open up an account with at least $30 in a Minority Owned Bank or with a Credit Union.

Close to 1,000 turned out to show their support for this first effort with many more efforts in support of Occupy the Dream to come.

Check out our exclusive interview with The Belle interviewing Dr. Lance on site.

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