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Atlanta, GA – Just who is Pamela Johnson?  Well in her ways she says, “Simply put, I am a daughter, a sister, a sister-friend, and a wife-in-waiting. I am a lover of God who recognizes that I am a work in progress who accepts that despite all my many flaws, God still loves me and keeps His hands on my life.

She is from Newport News, VA and was raised in a neighborhood that was much like the village that Hillary Clinton talked about.  It was a retired military neighborhood in north Newport News, in the Denbigh (pronounced Den-bee) section that was called Warwick Lawns. 

During her time of finalizing her choices in life, Johnson says “I was a secondary school teacher. I taught English to children from 7th grade to the 12th grade for 13 years. After leaving the classroom, I started my own business writing professional documentation. My company is called Gibraltar Consulting Group.  I develop, design and deliver training.  It’s still education; my clientele has changed. Now I worked with adults in corporations.”

Eventually Johnson ended up at World Changers. She says, “When I moved here in 1999, I had every intention of joining WCCI; but I heard the W2 requirement rumor and changed my mind. Then in 2002, my coworker invited me to a women’s’ conference.  It was awesome. WCCI has been stuck with me ever since! Dr. Dollar empowers us on so many levels; it’s hard not to grow here.  If Dr. Dollar hadn’t taught me how to pray God’s Word and get results, I’m positive I’d be dead. His teaching gave life to the saying I’ve heard my entire life: “Stand on God’s Word.” I never even knew what that meant until he explained it.  I also learned how to confess God’s Word over my life and change my situations. My faith in God is at an unprecedented level. I’m already flying and touching the sky.

However during flight, God put her on course and eventually she evolved from a broken life. She has taken the gifts that God has so generously given and developed the vision that God gave her years ago and turned it into a ministry for women who have broken spirits and broken lives and even believe that their season is over. I stand to let them know that their destiny is still theirs; all they need to do is go get it.”

Johnson says, “God gave each of us a job (destiny) before He formed us in our mother’s womb. All He wants us to do is show up for duty.  If they show up for duty, He will open the necessary doors and our anointing will make room for us. I stand for the woman who knows she’s anointed but is too afraid or bound by life to step out and just go for it. I stand for her, because she was me.”

World, get ready for Pamela Johnson.

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