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By Sheilah Belle

Chicago, IL — Kingdom Records’ million-selling Shekinah Glory Ministry soared into its second decade with an extraordinary highly-anticipated live recording on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at Valley Kingdom Ministries International, 5300 West 151st Street, Oak Forest, IL.

Guests traveled from all over the country to be apart of the memorable night that ultimately became one of the most powerful worship experiences ever recorded.

At the helm of this live recording, and described by Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, Senior Pastor of Valley Kingdom Ministries International, as a true Architect of Gospel Music was Daniel Weatherspoon, who is also a Grammy Award nominated producer. The seasoned keyboardist/ composer who has collaborated on CD projects by artists ranging from Mary J. Blige and Destiny’s Child to Fred Hammond and Donald Lawrence, co-wrote Shekinah Glory Ministry’s 2008 hit, “Jesus,” a Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Top 5 radio smash.

However the spotlight shined brightly on the Shekinah Glory Ministry, but, in order to really appreciate their ministry, you have to understand their concept of Praise and Worship.

For starters, Shekinah Glory Ministry is not a choir, which is what most people think when they see the name or their CD covers. Instead it is a ministry made up from five separate worship & praise teams, including exalters (psalmists), minstrels (musicians), karar (praise dancers), encouragers and banner bearers that come together under the Shekinah Glory Ministry umbrella.

Finally, when you put all of these components, ministries and their vision together, you get a blessed recording beyond measure, as Shekinah Glory Ministry delivered on Saturday night.

While Shekinah Glory’s worship style incorporates a unique variety of ballads and contemporary praise and worship selections, during their recording, they delivered all of that, on top of a few upbeat contemporary songs.  The architect behind one of those upbeat songs, “By Faith”, was the angel of the house of worship, Apostle Wilson, who introduced the song, that sort of took on a life of its’ on. Towards the middle of the song many of the congregants started walking “by faith” in the front of the church, creating a sort of mini pilgrimage. As they walked, they all shouted out, “By Faith!”  It was truly a rich atmosphere of praise and worship.

Stepping in the special guest slot for this year’s live recording was Kim Stratton, who truly delivered a breathtaking performance.  She performed the next to the last song, entitled, “Broken.”  The lyrics were powerful as she broke down how a person can be hurt, challenged or feeling broken, but how God can still pull you through, dust you off and prepare you for greater things to come.

 Clearly these two songs by Apostle Wilson and Stratton, were among some of the favorites for the evening.

A couple of other favorites included “Come On” and the very last song “Surrender”, with Phil Tarver singing lead!

When Tarver sang the last note, there was absolute silence in the sanctuary as God’s sweet spirit or peace and praise was evident.  Many were silently praying, as others had their hands lifted, while others quietly wept!  It was a priceless moment in time.

A few minutes later a soft applause emerged from the congregation which was gradually joined by others and finally erupting into a thunderous applause.

What a beautiful experience to share God’s love and to be in His presence with so many of His children on a Saturday night filled with Praise and Worship!

Kingdom Records Vice President, Bernie McLean, said, “They are just as strong and anointed now as they were ten years ago and their best days are still ahead of them.” 

Since their evolution circa 1999-2000, Shekinah Glory Ministry has earned five R.I.A.A. gold or platinum certifications for their musical projects, including the CDs “Praise is What I Do” and “Shekinah Glory Ministry Live.” Their debut CD spent 103 weeks on the Billboard gospel albums sales chart. They have become renowned around the world for their radio anthems “Yes,” “Jesus,” “How Deeply I Need You” and their signature tune, “Praise is What I Do.” Their acclaimed CD “Jesus” won the Stellar Award (the gospel industry’s Grammy equivalent) as Praise & Worship CD of the Year in 2009 and their latest CD, “Refreshed By Fire,” won the Contemporary Choir of The Year Stellar Award in January 2012.  

Job Well Done Shekinah Glory Ministry!

Look for Shekinah Glory Ministry’s new CD, to hit store shelves soon.  Until then, you can visit them at for more information on the live recording and other Kingdom Records artists.

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