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When Grammy nominated recording artist Deitrick Haddon began developing his latest film “A Beautiful Soul”, he had to reflect on his own journey and the true meaning of the words. Haddon wanted viewers to understand the importance of genuine love and why we must often reflect on our personal journeys.

Beautiful is defined as being excellent, wonderful and very pleasing, but this can be difficult to manifest when mixed with life’s challenges. Since the soul is our true emotional and spiritual nature, it is imperative for us to be constantly reminded of its beauty no matter the circumstance.

Deitrick Haddon did a very good job communicating this concept through his writing, acting and music in the film & CD soundtrack “A Beautiful Soul”.  

After a nice theatrical run at AMC Movie Theatres, “A Beautiful Soul” received outstanding reviews from movie critics, various print media and fans.   In addition to the film’s success, the CD soundtrack single “No Betta” featuring Faith Evans and Haddon continues to soar at radio.

As a huge treat to fans and supporters of Tyscot/ManHaddon Films, “Deitrick Haddon’s A Beautiful Soul” is scheduled to air on TV One later in 2012.  The film is also being released on DVD and will be available in stores and online on August 21st.

It is evident that the film’s message has influenced people to recognize the “Beautiful Soul” that lives inside of them. No matter the circumstance, we must all remember that the character of God is beautiful and we were created in his likeness.

On August 21, 2012 Tyscot Films will release the PG-13 Rated film, “Deitrick Haddon’s A Beautiful Soul” on DVD ($19.95 List Price).

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