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Political analyst and Washington Watch host Roland Martin cites President Obama the clear winner in Tuesday night’s second presidential debate.

“The President walked in with a totally different attitude than he had the previous week,” said Martin. “Mitt Romney tried to stand up and get in his face. The president basically laughed it off. He was very effective at turning away from Romney and turning back to the voters to answer their questions.”

While providing debate analysis with Jeff Johnson on BLIS.FM, Martin shared the following updates via Twitter and Facebook:

  • Mitt Romney says government doesn’t create jobs. So why does he keep saying he will create 12 million jobs if POTUS?
  • I totally understand Pres. Obama bringing up education, but he should have pressed gun control against Romney’s neck.
  • “You know I mean what I say.” Strong answer from Obama there. Romney is about to get real aggressive on multiple admin Libya answers.
  • Mitt Romney lost this debate on the Libya question. He looked foolish and then got body slammed & corrected by Candy. Game. Set. Match.
  • Pres. Obama is getting indignant and is putting Romney in check. And then drops the mic!
  • Smart for Obama to bring up Arizona law. Last poll shows him leading Romney 2 points there. Yep, Sen. McCain’s state is in play.
  • “Gov, you’re the last person who is going to get tough on China.” Hard for Romney to say he didn’t move jobs to China!  
  • Oooh! Did Obama go there saying Bush and Romney aren’t the same on immigration and other issues? Hard for Romney to counter.

Martin and fellow poltical analyst Jeff Johnson will continue to provide pre- and post-debate analysis during the third and final presidential debate as a part of “The Intersection Presents: Our Voice, Our Vote” with a live web broadcast on BLIS.FM Monday, October 22nd beginning at 8:30 pm ET.

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Roland Martin – “The Intersection Presents: Our Voice, Our Vote” Webcast