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On Saturday, October 27, 2012, Radio One Presents Miss Community’s “5th Annual Now World Listen Up! Women Are Talking” women’s forum. The women’s forum will be held at the Trinity Family Life Center 3601 Dill Road, Richmond, VA 23223. This is a free event  3 p.m. to 6 p.m. open to all women and men can attend but will not be allowed to speak.

The theme is the “Trial Behind the Smile” I claim the victory. The forum will feature dynamic women poised enough to share their real life stories of tragedy to triumph. We will uncover the smiles behind the trials and give women the tools for claiming the victory in every aspect of their lives. We will discuss your health, finances, fitness, education, family, entreprenuership, and politics.

Ladies we take care of families, homes, cars and others better than we take of ourselves. This should not be. Be good to you and your body then you are  best equipped to take care of others. I tried it! I tested it! It’s true!

Please make plans to attend the women’s forum and speak out  if you’re ready to uncover the “trial behind the smile”. Release, forgive and live. Miss Community Clooovia

View the beautiful photo of some powerful women below: One lady suffered with low-esteem for many years. One lady decided to lead a life of celibacy, finds her dream husband and he had HIV. One lady was attacked with a machete by her boyfriend. One lady was at top of her game and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Finally, one lady is a child survivor of domestic violence.