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Richmond, VA — Bishop T. D. Jakes stopped by Richmond, VA on Friday to deliver the third sermon for St. Paul’s Baptist Church “Fire on Friday”, where Dr. Lance D. Watson is the Senior pastor.  With a packed church that holds just over 3,000 and overflow areas that accommodated another 1,000 or more, there was literally not enough room in the Inn, for everyone who wanted to hear America’s #1 pastor.


His sermon came out of the book of II Kings 4:1- 7 where he pulled powerful golden nuggets throughout the evening, i.e., “How do you share with someone who is selfish”, “Just because my stuff is good, doesn’t mean I’m not under attack,” and “I’ve never had a hater who was doing better than me!”


His words of wisdom were often met with Amen’s and Shouts of Hallelujah as others shouted, took notes and stood with approval of his amazing vocabulary and message!  What an anointed man of God to deliver such a powerful word!


Truly, it was a blessed evening!

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