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Monday!  I feel like yesterday was the end of 2012 for me in so many ways as I look at my calendar for the next four weeks.  It’s non-stop until February and only a few days after that I’m off and running again.  This year has been something else as I have gone through a few growing pains, but as someone told me on Sunday, “It could be worse!”  That spoke volume for me because IT COULD!  Sometimes you really have to stop and look around you to see who is around you.  Is it a good environment? Do the people in your life enhance your life or are they only taking from you?  While you may say “I’ve got your back” do you hear these words in return?  The list goes on, but at some point you have to accept responsibility for yourself, your life and for the things you allow in your life and how you let people treat you.  Sometimes its even more frustrating when you know people are in the ear of people that you care about and they are listening to everything they say and will make decisions about you based on others opinions.  How sad is that?  Ultimately the people who you decide to have in your life, will be the ones who will also help shape your life.  So be careful and make sure that those in your life, DESERVE to have space in your life and that they are meant to be in your life, and can enhance your life and will not bring confusion to your life.  Ultimately, life is too short to put up with mess, or double talk so clean your junk out now, while you can see clearly…NOT when you get mad and emotional.  Carry On!

Sheilah Belle, The Belle