(The Belle with Bishop T. D. Jakes at St. Pauls Baptist Church)

You can’t keep putting negative stuff in the atmosphere…eventually that negativity will rain back down ON YOU!

You call yourself a Christian…But you don’t act like one!  You talk about people, throw your colleagues under the bus, you don’t respond to their e-mails, phone calls and roll your eyes when you hear their name.

So you’ve been through a few challenges and you’re still a bit upset with the world, however what does that have to do with serving the Lord and loving His people!

As Christians we play too many games!  We hold tight to our clicks… to people who live and look like us.  However someone who may truly be trying to come to you in love, you quickly flip your cold heart button on!  You show no compassion, no love and no room for negotiation.  If you do, it’s not sincere and the games continue as soon as the phone is hung up or the send button is pushed.

As Christian, instead of ACTING like we really care about people, pushing blogs, jpegs and the rest, try practicing what you preach and show God’s love through all that you!

The maniuplation, the games, the gossip…God sees it all, however consider raising your own bar and display God’s love in ALL that you do and with everyone you know and come in contact with. . .even when No one is looking!

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