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Pastor Lance D. Watson invites saints to for prayer and others to join him in the pulpit to change their life and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior on the 1st Sunday of 2013).

 Richmond, VA – When you go to church on Sunday mornings, you never really know what you’re going to get out of it.  At my church the entire Worship experience starts when you pull onto the church campus parking lot, finding a parking space, if you get there early enough…breakfast, the fellowship, the Worship & Praise experience and then Words of Wisdom, from one of the most intelligent men of God I know, Dr. Lance D. Watson.

I have heard him preach many times before, but on Sunday, January 6, 2013 there was a different energy transcending from the pulpit into the congregation of St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Richmond, VA.  The Sunday morning message was titled “Reset Your Faith.”

Dr. Watson said, “Just like its true with your computer, it is true in your life.  Sometimes you have to RESET it.”

And you know what, He is absolutely right!  Think about it!  If you are dealing with the same problems that you were dealing with last year, you may just have to go back and hit the RESET button.  Seriously!  Start over and start from ground zero.

I’m sure he was stepping on a lot of toes yesterday, but sometimes that’s needed to get us to think about our lives.

I remember when he said, “You can be jacked up so long, that feeling jacked up starts feeling normal!”  I started to think about some of the things in my life that WERE jacked up and because of God’s grace He has been cleansing me from the inside out.”  I stopped and looked at the small circle of people I deal with and started to pray if these were the same people I needed to keep in my life.  If they were good to be around, were they causing me to stress or helping me to stop stressing, were they people with integrity or people you wouldn’t trust as soon as they left your sight.  Could I trust them to have my best interest at heart, if  I should ever come up on their radar?  Looking over the short list quickly, I can safely say that those who “I” call friend are truly just that!

However not to make this one sided, I had to ask myself the same questions, as if they were asking about me.

Truly it is a new year, which can also mean new beginnings in how you think, how you treat and respect people and how you let people treat you!

(Minister of Music and The Belle at Sunday Morning 11am Service at St. Paul’s Baptist Church)

Some of us have been in bad relationships so long, with people disrespecting you, walking all over you, taking advantage of you, playing you, only seeing you when it’s convenient for them, not taking your calls and seldom responding unless there is a benefit and the list goes on.  And the sad thing is that you get so use to being treated so badly for so long, that when God does send someone descent your way, you don’t even recognize them, because we have lowered our standards so low, that it has become almost impossible to see above the curb.

However, like Dr. Watson says, remember it’s a NEW YEAR and you can make some serious changes in your life.  You can cut away from the obsessive dependency of having someone who doesn’t treat you right, in your life now! 

Think about it, you should never have to be in a relationship where you are competing for someone’s attention or affection, where you are questioning the status of your relationship or if you are constantly wondering if the person in “your’ life is sharing their life with others as they share it with you!

I’m sure this makes you think, but as we tip toe on the beginning of 2013 with anticipation, take your life back, regain your happiness and stop letting others put you on an emotional roller coaster.  Life is too short!

Like I said, Sunday’s sermon was powerful and I thank God that he transplanted Dr. Lance D. Watson to Richmond, VA for such a time is this!

In His Name!~

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