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Blacks or African Americans have built the foundation for this America. We are inventors, doctors, lawyers, professors, business owners, entertainers, ambassadors, carpenters and presidents. But in all of our contributions and accomplishments we still haven’t mastered “colorism.”

Kiara Lee is a senior attending the University of Richmond majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. Lee is an author of the book, “Light Skin, Dark Skin or In Between”. She has travel up and down the east coast to get an understanding of how “colorism” still affects all cultures in the 21st century.

Colorism is discrimination usually with an ethnic group where one’s value is based on the shade of his or her skin. It started in the United States during slavery with the house slave and field slaves.

Colorism determines where you worship, work, live and your social status.

Kiara Lee was my special guest on Community Conversations recently. Great show

Kiara Lee was the national keynote speaker at the 2011 Campus Progress National Conference. Former President Bill Clinton was a special guest in the audience.