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By Esih Efuru

The movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild” exposed me to a world that was full of life, laughter and love. Hushpuppy and her fellow inhabitants were strong, independent, and loaded with faith. They dared the elements and the mighty forces to test God’s love and care for them on a daily basis. Hushpuppy was a product of a faith-filled environment, a protégé of believers and champions who lived like kings and queens among perceived ruins.

Quvenzhané Wallis, who played Hushpuppy, is nominated for an Acadamy Award for Best Actress. She is the youngest actress to ever be nominated for that award.

I watched how little Hushpuppy looked after herself and became one with her world, where all she needed was provided for her. I admired the tough love of her father and his determination to bring the best out of her. They could never bear to be separated, from their cajoling to their rage and then from sickness and even death. It reminded me of God’s love for me, and my own conversations rich with laughter and sometimes rage, when I needed God to answer the tough questions and he answered me back with tough love. The “Bathtub”, the Louisiana peninsula where they resided, reminded me of my colorful world, full of blessings and possibilities ripe for discovery.

Like Hushpuppy, I have made myself at home in the world, amongst its disarray and perceived ruin. God has provided everything I need to enjoy abundant life, stocked my comings and goings with opportunities to experience joy, and surrounded me with the love of family and friends. None of it looks like people think it should, but it is there, and it is mine for the taking. What opportunities for life, laughter and love stand among you?

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